Announcing the 2024 State of MDS Survey

Take the survey to help us prioritize the development of features, allocate resources, and better understand how we can support adoption of new versions of MDS.

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State of MDS Survey Results

In addition to insights about the use of different versions, Read more

The Power of OpenAPI Definitions and OMF’s Specifications

Recently, the OMF released OpenAPI definitions for both the Mobility Data Specification (MDS) and the Curb Data Specification (CDS). Learn what it means and why it is important for cities, mobility providers, and the community.

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The Vision for the Mobility Data Specification

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Announcing the Open Mobility Foundation’s Curb Management Working Group

Technology and data offer new tools to proactively manage curbs Read more

Announcing the MDS 1.1.0 Release Candidate

The 1.1.0 release adds new top level APIs, privacy options, Read more

Streamlined Procurement for Smarter Curb Management: Insights from OMF’s SMART Collaborative

By embracing shared values and leveraging collaborative tools – from Sourcewell to open-source standards like the Curb Data Specification (CDS) – agencies in OMF’S SMART Collaborative are reshaping curb management and overcoming longstanding challenges in government.

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Congratulating the FY22 SMART Grant Recipients

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CDS Users: Companies and Cities Using the Curb Data Specification

Already more than two dozen cities and companies are adopting Read more

It’s Official: Curb Data Specification (CDS) Version 1.0

Now an official release, CDS 1.0 is a new digital Read more

Things That Made Us Think This Year

2023 was an exciting year to work at the crossroads of mobility and technology. Here are the thought-provoking articles, books, and media that stood out to us.

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6 Principles that Guide the Open Mobility Foundation

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What’s Possible with MDS?

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Introducing the MDS Privacy Guide for Cities

Building on the best practices and policies of cities using Read more

Introducing the OMF Summit 2023

Introducing the OMF Summit 2023

Mark your calendar for November 14! Together, we’ll explore advancements in urban mobility and discover new ways to manage public space for the public good.

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Open Mobility Abroad: Insights from 5 Cities on Shared Mobility

Open Mobility Abroad: Insights from 5 Cities on Shared Mobility

From Brisbane’s transition to a thriving metropolis to Amsterdam’s famous bike-friendly infrastructure, learn how cities worldwide tackle challenges and embrace open-source data standards to transform transportation. Explore the fascinating similarities and unique approaches shaping the future of mobility in our global community.

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