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April 11, 2024

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Two years ago, we announced the first release of the Curb Data Specification (CDS) — a digital tool that helps cities and companies pilot and scale dynamic curb zones. CDS provides a mechanism for expressing static and dynamic regulations, measuring activity at the curb, and developing policies that create more accessible, useful curbs. Since then, the spec has continued to evolve to meet the needs of cities, curb users and mobility vendors. Read on to learn about all the new updates about the Curb Data Specification.


This year will see exciting advancements in the deployment of CDS. The OMF’s SMART Curb Collaborative is a group of ten cities participating in the USDOT’s SMART Grant program that will each be deploying curb digitization technology using CDS in the next year. The group of cities includes: Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Miami-Dade County, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Boston.

Pilot projects will use CDS to:

  • Inventory curb rules, regulations and objects;
  • Track and measure curb usage;
  • Communicate realtime curb availability,
  • Dynamically adjust curb regulations, and
  • Enable zero-emission delivery zones. 


The Curb Collaborative is an opportunity to “kick the tires” and figure out what works with practical application of CDS, what needs to change, and what the OMF can prioritize in developing the next release of the specification. Follow along on this blog and through our LinkedIn to see the latest news on the SMART Curb Collaborative — and track our GitHub issues to see what’s coming in CDS.


With the launch of the SMART Curb Collaborative, we’ve created several resources to aid in awareness, education, and implementation of the Curb Data Specification. Here are a few new CDS resources for cities and vendors alike:

  • Getting started with CDS: Get basic info on planning your curb digitization project using CDS, and see what cities have done so far.
  • CDS 101: Watch a recording of our CDS 101 webinar to get a full intro to the specification and learn about the ways CDS is currently being used.
  • CDS Working Group: Follow the latest updates in CDS governance and proposed changes on our GitHub, and attend the public meetings.


If you already use CDS, you have several opportunities to share your experience and be a part of improving the specification. 

We will share more exciting announcements in this space over the coming months as CDS continues to advance. 

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