CDS Users: Companies and Cities Using the Curb Data Specification

October 28, 2022

More than 160+ individuals from 70+ public agencies, curb users, and technology companies participated in the development of the OMF’s newly-released Curb Data Specification (CDS).



Since the approval of CDS 1.0 in May of 2022, more than two dozen cities and companies are adopting this new tool to pilot and scale dynamic curb loading zones, including:


Seattle, WA, USA (SDOT)
Omaha, NE, USA (Parking and Mobility)
San Francisco, CA, USA (SFMTA)
Philadelphia, PA, USA
San Diego, USA (SANDAG)
San Jose, CA, USA
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Miami, FL, USA (Parking Authority)
Washington DC, USA (DDOT)
Los Angeles, CA, USA (LADOT)
Pittsburgh, PA, USA (DOMI)



Automotus – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Blue Systems – Paris, France

INRIX – Kirkland, WA, USA

Lacuna – Los Angeles, CA, USA

Populus – San Francisco, CA, USA

Ride Report – Portland, OR, USA

Vade – Raleigh, NC, USA

Vianova – Paris, France

CurbIQ – Toronto, ON, Canada
Flowbird Group – Paris, France
Univrses – Stockholm, Sweden
Cleverciti – Munich, Germany
Urban Radar- Reims, France
Tranzito – Alameda, CA, USA
Umojo – Chicago, IL, USA
Google Maps – New York, NY, USA
Smarking – San Francisco, CA, USA

See a full and current list of CDS Users on our curb working group page.

Is your city, agency, or company using CDS? Drop us a line to be included in the list.



How cities use CDS depends on a variety of factors: curb management goals, existing services and infrastructure, and the unique needs of their communities. In fact, CDS’ flexibility means it can be used in many scenarios, including the following use cases:

  • Digitally sharing regulations, including loading zone rules and locations
  • Determining real-time curb status
  • Tracking and analyzing curb usage
  • Responding to curb violations and improving curb enforcement
  • Optimizing curb usage and access to meet policy goals


Browse this sampling of recent articles to learn more about how CDS is already being implemented by cities and companies around the world:

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