How to Contribute

There are three steps to becoming a Contributor to the Open Mobility Foundation.

STEP 1: Review license agreement and policies

When you contribute to the OMF, you accept our rules and policies.  The two most important are the Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA), which describes how your contributions are licensed to the OMF, and the OMF Participation Policies,  which includes the Code of Conduct and other policies. You should review these documents before you proceed. When you interact with the OMF on GitHub, you are indicating that you accept all of the terms in them. You will be prompted to digitally sign the ICLA the first time you submit a pull request.


OMF Participation Policies

In many cases, an individual contributor will work for or represent an organization under a contract that affects your intellectual property rights. If you do, then before you accept the Individual Contributor License Agreement, you should make sure that your employer has signed an Entity Contributor License Agreement (Entity CLA), indicating that its employees are cleared to become OMF Contributors. Organizations which join the OMF as Members generally sign the ECLA as part of their application process, so your employer’s OMF representative should be able to provide the necessary information.

Organizations can digitally sign the Entity CLA using this form.

Step 2: Sign up for mailing lists

The OMF has several mailing lists to support communication and collaboration around various projects. Once you subscribe, you will receive notifications about planned releases and upcoming meetings. Use the links below to subscribe to the lists you are interested in:


mds-announce General announcement list for the Mobility Data Specification, including releases, meetings, and events.
wg-mds Collaboration mailing list for the MDS Working Group, which manages all APIs within the Mobility Data Specification.
wg-curb General announcement and collaboration mailing list for the Curb Management Working Group, which manages the forthcoming Curb Data Specification.



STEP 3: Participate on GITHUB

The OMF does all of its development on GitHub. You can browse the OMF’s repositories here. The main repository for the Mobility Data Specification can be found here. Anyone can comment on an existing issue, create their own issue, or submit a pull request with suggested code changes.

As described above, all contributions on GitHub are governed by the OMF’s ICLA, ECLA, and Participation

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